Stay safe in student housing

Blogs 09 Jan 2023 / 2 mins read

By Owen Redman

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Stay safe in student housing

Stay safe in student housing

How can you stay safe in student housing

Moving out of Halls and into student housing can be equally exciting and intimidating. One of the critical factors of this is leaving the safety of student halls and going into a rented home. 


Most renters move into ‘student areas’ where you are studying. These are often streets or whole areas of towns and cities. But how do you know that the place you’re moving to is safe? 


We’ve pulled together a list of ways to check and secure the area you’re moving to. 


  1. Only allow your roommates to have keys – this may be written into your rental agreement, but it’s also there to keep you safe. 
  2. Keep valuables out of the windows.
  3. Try to rent somewhere with street lighting.
  4. Ask the current tenants before you move in if the area is considered safe – this is excellent first-hand advice.
  5. Check online. There is a wide range of websites, including those created by the police, that allows you to check crime rates and the safety of your area, such as
  6. Ask other students – your classmates or those in the year above who may also live in the areas you’re looking at.
Posted by Owen Redman

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