What are the best bars in Guildford? 

Guides 09 Jan 2023 / 2 mins read

By Owen Redman

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What are the best bars in Guildford? 

What are the best bars in Guildford? 

 Being able to spend time and socialise with your friends outside the lecture rooms is a huge part of university culture. Whether you’re living together or not, sometimes it makes a big difference just to get out of your constant environment and let your hair down. 


To get you started, we’ve compiled a short list of some of the best places to stay local and try in the Guildford area. We know the student budget doesn’t stretch to £20 cocktails, so let’s check out where’s best on a budget.


Pews Bar & Courtyard:

Described as a ‘local bar,’ it’s clear this one comes with a twist, with live music every Friday night and sports available to live too. Pew’s seems to cater to all. Pew’s has over 30 years of history and multiple awards under its belt too. 

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Turtle Bay:

Although a chain, there’s no doubt that turtle bay can still be a great evening. Catering food, 2 for 1 cocktails, and mocktails, your night out can be as easygoing as you like. With a 4.7 star rating and over 5,000 reviews, they must be doing something right, right?


The Alley Bar

Fancy something a little more upbeat and some dancing? Why not give The Alley Bar a go? With drinks offers, open mic, DJs, and even salsa evening, The Alley Bar is open until 3 am. You’re set for the whole night. 


Do you have any recommendations that we should add to this list? We’d love you to know all of your favourite places to go!


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