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University students unions, trusted accommodation providers and other great companies that make students life so much easier!

We’re committed to working with your Universities, Student Unions and great companies that will benefit students that are using Roome.

If you are interested in having Roome operate within your city, or have products that benefit students, get in touch now!


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Roome cannot guarantee that you will find housing through the platform, as the availability of housing options and the preferences of potential housemates can vary greatly. However, Roome can provide valuable support and guidance throughout the process, and help you to connect with other students who are looking for housing. By using Roome, you can increase your chances of finding the perfect housing situation for your needs and preferences.

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University of Surrey Students Union


University of Sussex Students Union


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We're committed to benefiting students with great partner deals and offers, from sim cards to luggage shipping and much more!

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